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About The Film


For years, I have researched stories of survivors and heroes of the Oklahoma City Bombing. One of the most compelling stories is that of Mr. Raymond Washburn, a blind man who saved 5 people including himself and an employee from the rubble of the tragedy. 

I titled this animated short film, Walk In The Light, because Raymond’s incredible story of heroism showed the world that “love is illuminating.”

Raymond owned and operated the snack bar on the 4th floor of the Alfred P. Murrah Building and was at work when the explosion decimated the building and took 168 innocent lives including 19 children.

Raymond was proud member of the Yuchi Tribe of Native Americans in Oklahoma, and their motto is Tso Ya Ha which means “Children Of The Sun.” The yellow bracelet seen on his arm bears the emblem of his tribe and ultimately brings the entire story together.

Walk In The Light features an old Raymond telling the nearly 30 year-old story of the Oklahoma City Bombing to his precocious, eight year-old granddaughter, Aiyana, via a flashback. Raymond does this while teaching Aiyana that it is part of her heritage to live for a purpose greater than herself by shining her light into the world.


Since 2018, I’ve had the privilege of building a relationship with Raymond and his family through the processes of writing a book about his life and penning a full length screenplay featuring his story among a number of other Oklahoma City Bombing heroes. In the interim, I was inspired to isolate Raymond’s story and turn it into an animated short film.

Thank you for your support of this powerful story told through the eyes of a blind man and an empowered little Native American girl.